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Work Related Illness Claims

Claim 100% compensation for your work related illness

People tend to associated workplace claims with physical accidents, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, there are work related illnesses which can be claimed for in the same way as a workplace accident claim, and yet still many are not aware that work related illnesses can actually be claimed for.

Men and women are working more stressful jobs and putting in extra hours which can actually have a damaging effect on their health. If this sounds like you, chances are that you’ve come to terms with having a work related illness and you’re wondering if there’s anything you can do about it. Thankfully, there is. At, we specialise in workplace accidents and illnesses and we are best placed to help you with a work related illness claim.

So what type of illness do you have? It could be that you are suffering from depression, anxiety, heart problems or asthma for a start. In addition, if you work at a computer daily, you could be suffering from repetitive strain injury. It’s often hard self-diagnosing work related illnesses as many people just assume they are caused by age or other factors. However, following a doctor’s diagnosis you will soon find out that your job is most likely the cause of the illness you are suffering.

What’s The Next Step with A Work Related Illness Claim?

Following medical diagnosis, call to find out your next steps to winning a successful work related illness claim. We have helped many individuals claim the compensation they deserve following a work related accident or injury.

Most work related illnesses are caused by unsafe or unsatisfactory working conditions, and it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that regular health and safety audits are carried out and risks are reduced. Repetitive strain injury caused by computers, for example, can be reduced through the use of ergonomic computer and desk equipment. Your chair, the height of your desk, the closeness to the screen etc are all factors that can result in repetitive strain injuries and justify you making a work related illness claim with us.

If you’ve noticed your relatively good health getting worse, it could be that you have an undiagnosed work related illness and it is advisable to seek professional medical advice as soon as possible, after which you will be eligible for making a claim. Some illnesses can go undiagnosed for a long time until they get progressively worse, but the sooner you act the better.

A work related illness just doesn’t cover visible effects though; it could be go much deeper than that. Stress and anxiety are two of the most common types of work illness and seemingly the most undiagnosed. Everyone has bad days at work, but how do you know if it’s become more than that? If stress has been directly caused by your place of work then your doctor will be able to advise the next steps.

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