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Sports Injury Claims

The dangerous side of sport can result in sports injury claims

Did you know that you could be eligible for compensation if you have suffered a sports injury? With, you can rest assured that we’ll fight for your rights and try to recover monies from the other side if you have suffered a sports injury. We have many solicitors ready to handle your sports injury claims.

It doesn’t matter what type of injury you have suffered if you need to claim, but it may be something caused by another player, or the organiser of a sport event / match. It may even be the match officials themselves who are liable for your sports injury.

Sport is fun, energetic and can get rough at times. Men and women who play rugby, hockey and football tend to find they can be quite injury-prone due to the nature of the sports. Groin injuries and hamstring injuries are two of the most common types, but any injury that has resulted from a sport could potentially be claim-worthy.

Sports Injury Witnesses

Some injuries can be particularly severe, such as head injuries and broken bones. If you have suffered a personal injury such as this, be sure to seek appropriate medical advice to determine the extent of the injury when you make a sports injury claim with us. You will also need to have direct witness evidence from those involved in the sporting event at the time, particularly if you are to prove negligence of another player or of the match setup itself.

Sports injury claims are not the easiest to win, as they are often shrouded in legalities, but we have previous experience in helping clients win sports injury claims. The process can take a long time though if your witnesses take their time to come forward.

Of course, it’s not just the sports players who could be the victim of a sports injury claim, but spectators and bystanders can also fall victim to a sporting injury. A ball for example, which has hit you on the head and resulted in you fainting is a prime example of a sports injury affecting more than just the players. In some cases, the sports injuries suffered by both players and / or bystanders can result in costly medical aftercare treatment. Many sports injuries require a high level of physiotherapy to fully recover, and some may require braces supporting broken bones, torn ligaments or fractures.

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