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No Win No Fee Claims

What No Win No Fee REALLY means for you

You hear the phrase a lot, but you’re not entirely sure what it means for you in your situation. Is “no win no fee” really possible?

Yes it is, with

You’ve decided that you’re ready to call us with your accident claim, but you’re naturally concerned about the potential cost implications from your side. Rest assured, with our NO WIN NO FEE claim policy, if we don’t win then we don’t charge you any fee.

No win no fee has a common misconception – it doesn’t mean “no win no cost”, but it DOES mean that if the client does not win their case then the solicitor does not charge the client a fee as it is a conditional agreement. Some solicitors will charge based on whether you win the claim or not, but it’s refreshing to know that your costs can be minimised with a professional company like who promise a no win no fee claim.

A no win no fee agreement can also be referred to as a “CFA”, which is a Conditional Fee Agreement between the client and their solicitor. It helps to know the real meaning of no win no fee when making any claim, so you know the potential costs from your side. If you win your claim, the solicitor you have been dealing with will earn a fee and typically a separate success fee (often issued by an insurance company) but YOU will keep 100% of the compensation sum awarded to you.

Professional No Win No Fee Claims Advice

If you have been the victim of an accident, it’s important that you make your no win no fee claim quickly, as different accidents have different lengths of time in which you can claim. The majority will have a 3 year grace period in which you must make the claim, but some must be claimed within 2 years and others can’t be filed until full medical diagnosis some years after the event, such as asbestos claims. If you’re not sure if you’re eligible to claim, the best thing to do is to call today and let us guide you in the right direction with what you need to do next. It can seem like the road ahead is long, but you could be claiming compensation sooner than you think. is not your typical no win no fee claims company. We put our clients first and every case is dealt with on an understanding, personal level. We will direct your no win no feel claim to the relevant legal expert on our team and you’ll receive a prompt and professional response from a company with many years experience in handling no win no fee claims.

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