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Manual handling injury compensation claims

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With recently improved health and safety regulations in every working establishment, you’d think that the number of manual handling injury compensation claims would be reducing. Unfortunately, there are still many workplaces which don’t adhere to the correct guidelines and staff are suffering with back injuries, sprained muscles, neck injuries and more. It might not feel like you’ve done much damage at the time of the manual handling accident, but often you’ll feel the consequences in the weeks following it. This is why you may be entitled to manual handling injury compensation if you make a claim today with

Not Received Full Health And Safety Training Prior To Your Accident? You Could Claim

Take a look around your workplace and you should see health and safety regulations plastered on the wall visible for all staff to see. Indeed, workplaces must publish this information but they should also take this one step further and hold regular training sessions on health and safety and how injuries can be avoided. Training videos, leaflets and more should be available and staff should be given appropriate training so they know what they can and cannot do. It’s all too easy for someone to think they can pick up a heavy item because they have done it many times previously, but all it takes is one lift of the item in an unbalanced manner to cause spraining and acute pain, which could then lead to a GP referral and the necessary treatment being issued.

Of course, some injuries are worse than others and it’s important to remember just how dangerous poor manual handling can be. Lifting, carrying, pulling, pushing any item - no matter how large or small – can result in joint damage. If staff are provided with the opportunity to watch manual handling training videos then these show the appropriate way to carry items, for example, minimising any injuries to staff.

Not only that, but it is in the employer’s best interests to make sure health and safety regulations such as this are in place, as they can’t afford for you to be off work with an injury. Risk assessments are absolutely paramount in all workplaces, but if these haven’t been done then you could be entitled to claim manual handling compensation.

Every member of staff should place their utmost trust and faith in their employer to ensure they are looked after and health and safety regulations are in place, including manual handling processes. If you feel your employer has been negligent towards any aspects of health and safety, don’t suffer in silence – talk to who can help you claim financial compensation.

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