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GP negligence

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You put your faith in a doctor to look after you and timely diagnose ill health before it becomes serious or puts you in a life-threatening situation. Sometimes things don’t go as planned and the level of medical care you receive from your GP is less than acceptable. It’s at this point that you may feel it necessary to look into GP negligence claims.

With, your GP negligence claim is handled professionally by our expert team of medical negligence lawyers. We understand the sensitivity of the situation and the fact you may be uncertain what you can actually claim for. In 2011, it was reported that GP negligence cases had increased by 20% - an alarming rate given the increased awareness of GP professionalism and appropriate medical care that is required by all practitioners nowadays.

Wrong Medical Diagnosis

Have you been given late or wrong diagnosis? Are you struggling to cope with the fact your GP has been negligent towards your care and overall well-being? This is one of the most common reasons for GP negligence claims. Many patients also claim because they feel they have not been referred to a specialist sooner, plus there are cases of patients receiving the wrong medication. With the increased awareness of GP negligence, more patients are realising there is something they can do and not have to sit in silence. At, we know the reasons behind a GP negligence claim and the strength it takes from the patient’s perspective to call us whilst dealing with health problems. If this sounds like you, and you’re looking for compensation following a misdiagnosis by your GP or for any other reason, then we’re here to help. Don’t stand for GP negligence.

As a patient, you put your trust and faith in a GP to do the right thing and look after you. You may even try to justify their negligence by negating the severity of the situation to “keep the peace”, but your health is the most important thing and anyone that has compromised your future health and well-being through negligence needs to be reported. You may feel like it’s too late, but with a GP negligence claim, you could get an extra helping hand to cope with the difficult times when you have financial support and win your case with Our focus is getting you 100% compensation for any GP negligence claim, so don’t delay in giving us a call.

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