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Here are some terms your solicitor may reference when handling your claim with

Accident Claims / Personal Injury Claims

Accident Claim:
An unforeseen event or one without an apparent cause for which an individual seeks compensation.

Personal Injury Claim:
A claim which relates to physical or mental injury suffered by an individual.

Fast Track:
In England and Wales, the legal system is split into 3 tracks for personal injury claims:

  • Small Track – cases below £1,000
  • Fast Track – cases between £1,000 - £15,000 (most common)
  • Multi Track – cases which exceed £15,000

Following an accident claim or personal injury claim, medical evidence must be obtained to support the claim. The medical evidence is usually provided by a doctor following an examination.

Road Traffic Accident Claims:

Road Traffic Accident:
An accident that occurs on a road or in a place which the public have access to and vehicles are present.

Seatbelt Law:
If an individual does not wear a seatbelt, a fine of up to £500 can be issued without accruing points on a licence. If a personal injury is suffered following a seatbelt not being worn during a road traffic accident, damages may be reduced for contributory negligence.

Third Party:
In road traffic accident claims, this refers to the other driver involved in a car accident.

Medical Negligence Claims:

Medical Negligence:
Inadequate medical advice or care where the standards of conduct for medical duties have not been met.

General terms:

This is when a solicitor acts on your behalf during tribunal or court proceedings.

Your demand for monetary compensation for damages relating to personal injury or subsequent losses.

The individual who makes a claim.

The individual against whom the claim is being made.

General Damages:
Compensation sought for pain and suffering or future loss of earnings.

Letter of Claim:
The initial letter that is sent to the negligent party (or defendant) that clearly states the basis for making the claim.

In reference to accident claims it is the negligent party and the breach of legal obligation.

No Win No Fee:
No Win No Fee is the Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) between a law firm and their client.

The agreed claim value / amount of compensation.

A legally qualified individual who handles matters of law in the UK.

Special Damages:
Financial loss caused by personal injury.

Success Fees:
A solicitor’s monetary entitlement following success in a no win no fee case. This represents a percentage of costs up to 100% which is usually paid by the negligent party.

Following a claim, the person you are seeking compensation from generates their own claim against you if they feel you were responsible for the incident.

The financial reward received from the other party at the end of the claim.

Payments made on an individual’s behalf by the solicitor for additional fees i.e. court fees, expert witness costs.

Interim Payments/Damages:
A payment made to you by the other party before a case is settled or a payment made as the result of a court order.

Interim Hearing:
A court hearing that does not reach a final decision.

Litigation Friend:
If an individual under the age of 18 seeks personal injury compensation they must have a “Litigation Friend” who can pursue the case on their behalf.

Lose / Losing a Case:
When the judge dismisses an individual’s claim or the individual withdraws their claim following legal advice.

Part 36 Offers/Payments:
Upon receipt of an individual’s claim, the negligent party will assess how much they believe the claim is worth and make a Part 36 offer. If the offer is declined by the individual, the case goes to court.

Provisional Damages:
When an individual’s injuries are likely to cause complications in later life, a court will award Provisional Damages based on injury worth at the time of claiming.

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