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Faulty Product Claims

Have you bought a defective product? Claim now

If you have suffered an injury as a result of a faulty or defective product purchase, you could be eligible to claim 100% compensation with

Providing the product purchase was within the last 3 years, we will handle your faulty product claim with our no win no fee policy and guarantee you 100% compensation if we win the case.

Retailers and manufacturers are both liable if a defective product has been purchased from them which then resulted in a personal injury. Not only that, but the law states that even if the purchaser wasn’t using the product at the time and it was being used by someone else who received the injury, compensation can still be claimed. Loss of earnings are also covered.

The first thing to assess is what deems a product “faulty” or “defective”. There are 3 key elements to evaluate this:

  • If it is unsafe
  • If inaccurate instructions have been issued
  • If it is unfit for purpose

With many new products coming onto the market, every item must go through rigorous testing and processes, including health and safety, to ensure it can be sold to consumers. Your product may have passed the testing phase but it isn’t until you get it home that you find that it is dangerous or unusable. Accidents can occur from faulty products, particularly electrical items. It is important that you always follow the instructions carefully and if, in doing so, you suffer a personal injury, this is your opportunity to make a faulty product claim.

So how is a “faulty product” defined?

Solicitors will refer to the product as any goods, foods or parts, but it can cover many things. As a consumer who has purchased a product in good faith that it will work and do its job, your consumer rights dictate that you can take the matter further and file a faulty product claim. From make-up to child seats – you may just be surprised to what extent compensation for a faulty product can be claimed for.

If you decide that a defective product claim is necessary, it is important that you keep your original proof of purchase receipt and packaging, plus note down the problems you have encountered from using the product (dates, times, descriptions come in useful). It is also recommended that you take photos of the injury and the faulty product.

The next course of action is to call us. is a professional firm of solicitors with individual expertise in a wide range of legal affairs. We have handled many faulty product claims with successful outcomes, winning 100% compensation for our clients.

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