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Cosmetic Surgery Claims

Cosmetic Surgery Complications

Most people have cosmetic surgery to help boost their self confidence and improve their appearance, so it can be extremely distressing when things go wrong. Not only do you have to live with the results of these changes to your body, you may also have the increased stress of trying to put things right. This may involve taking more time off work, a financial burden if you have to pay for extra surgeries, and of course the psychological stress of facing friends and family if you have had a visible surgery leaving scarring or an unpleasant appearance.

Over the last couple of decades there has been a huge increase in demand for cosmetic surgeries, and while most patients are happy with the results there are some cases where things go wrong. This could be anything from the result of surgery not being how you'd hoped, to medical complications like infections or scarring. One recent example of of negligence when it comes to cosmetic surgery is the PIP implant scandal, which affects thousands of women in the UK.

Many patients who have undergone cosmetic procedures are worried or embarrassed about coming forward to tell their story and make a claim, because they feel it's their own fault for choosing to undergo surgery in the first place. In fact, whenever you undergo a cosmetic procedure you should expect standards and regulations to be in place to ensure things don't go wrong. If they do, claiming compensation can be a big help in getting your life back on track. A compensation claim could cover loss of earnings, the cost of the treatment, or any further surgery necessary to put things right.

Many cosmetic surgery claims are undertaken on a no win, no fee basis. An expert solicitor will first listen to your case and decide whether you have a good chance of making a claim, and if you are successful costs may be recovered from the other party. Whatever cosmetic surgery you have undergone, from breast implants to a nose job, liposuction, facelift or more, you may be entitled to compensation if things go wrong. Contact a cosmetic surgery claim specialist to see if you're entitled to claim.

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