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Brain and Head Injury Claims

Have you been the victim of an accident to the head or brain? Claim now

Let us start by saying we understand the traumatic and sensitive situation of brain or head injury claims. The fact that you, or a loved one, has been involved in an accident which has caused significant and permanent damage to the head is an event too traumatic for some to comprehend. It takes a lot of courage to move forward after an accident such as this, and that’s why we’re best placed to handle that all-important head injury claim.

We don’t just fight for the financial gain; we fight to get your life back on track. Brain and head injuries can affect an individual’s livelihood, career, relationships and some people will require 24/7 care following an accident to the head. is here to provide that much-needed support as we fight for 100% compensation following the injuries you have suffered.

What’s My Brain Injury or Head Injury Claim Worth?

Injuries to the head can vary in severity. Damaged teeth or a fracture to the nose, cheekbone or jaw can result in thousands of pounds worth of compensation being awarded to you, even reaching 5-figure sums in some cases. If the injury is directly related to the brain, you could expect up to £200,000 injury compensation.

If you have been the victim of medical negligence which has resulted in a brain injury or head injury, then it is also important that you file a claim as soon as possible.

You’ve probably got many questions related to taking the next steps on the road to recovery, as well as how you can claim a healthy sum of money to help with everyday expenses of care, travel and life recovery. We can help answer all your brain injury or head injury questions – simply fill in our online accident claim form.

In truth, many solicitors see brain and head injury claims as a legal challenge which puts them out of their depth. At, we have helped a number of people recover both physically and financially through filing a successful injury claim with us. As brain injury claim specialists and head injury claim experts, you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

Your treatment and recuperation is our top priority, and that could be through the NHS or via private care. The most important thing is that the funds are available to you as soon as possible so treatment can commence. Not only that, but if your family are traumatised by the situation too, we can provide extra care to help them cope with the future day by day. The sensitive nature of brain and head injuries means you need a solicitor that you can talk to on a friendly, professional level who will fight for your best interests. Talk to us!

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