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Birth accident claims

Have you been the victim of medical negligence with birth injuries? Claim now

There are various forms of medical negligence that result in a compensation claim being filed, but one of the more common forms of medical negligence, yet still relatively unspoken about, are birth injury claims. People are often reluctant to highlight such injuries due to the sensitive nature of the subject, but if you’ve been the victim of such events, you could claim 100% compensation when you file a claim with

Here at, we have specially trained medical negligence experts who will be able to handle your birth injury claim sympathetically and professionally with a view to winning you the 100% compensation you deserve. Whether it’s a birth trauma claim or medical negligence during birth, we are here to help.

The Help & Advice You Need + 100% Compensation

They say a baby is born every minute, but not all births are stress free. The hospital you gave birth in is responsible for providing a certain level of care and attention to every patient and if your needs weren’t met in some way, either before, during or after giving birth, speak to us and we’ll be able to tell you where you stand and what you can claim. With birth injury claims, this is a highly specialised area that requires professional advice and procedures, which is why are perfectly placed to handle your claim. We have helped many parents secure a birth injury pay-out following their negligence, and we understand the true sensitivity of each and every claim filed.

As a mother, it could be you that has suffered at the hands of medical professionals whilst being pregnant or during birth, or it could have been your child that has been injured. You could be suffering from perineal tears, nervous shock following a traumatic birth or retained products of conception, which occur in cases of miscarriage. Such events are not uncommon but few decide to bring them to the attention of medical negligence experts as they still reel from the unfortunate events themselves. It can be a highly distressing time, but talk to us about filing your claim and we will process your birth injury claim quickly and professionally.

Childbirth injuries which are not properly diagnosed at the time of event can lead to further symptoms developing later on. Many parents suffer in silence and do not realise the extent of the issue, but with some symptoms lasting years, it’s never too soon to take action and try to feel more positive about the future. With, you are treated as an individual and our professional sensitivity towards every situation is why we are one of the leading birth injury claim experts.

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