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Accidents in School / College / University

Claim school accident compensation, college accident compensation or university accident compensation

Accidents don’t just happen at work; they can also happen at school, college or university. It could be you or your son or daughter that has suffered a personal injury whilst being at school, college or university, and you could be eligible to claim compensation.

Accidents in School

All children love to play in the playground at lunchtimes, so a bit of rough and tumble is expected. The odd bruise from play is nothing to worry about, but if you one day find that your child has suffered a physical injury from school then this is a serious health and safety breach of the school. Every school has a duty of care to look after each child, so an accident needs to be reported. It could be due to a lack of supervision at the school.

Some of the common accidents that can happen at school are:

  • Defective desks / defective chairs
  • Slipping inside the school grounds
  • Tripping in the school

If you’re child has had an accident at school, you could be eligible for school accident compensation. Complete our online accident claim form.

Accidents in College / Accidents in University

When your child goes to college or university, it’s an important time in their lives to gain the necessary qualification to forge a career of their choice after they leave. Some teenagers leave home for the first time and your love and care is now in the hands of the college or university, as well as the student accommodation halls of residence or student property landlords. It’s key to ensure the property they are living in is properly maintained and doesn’t pose any hazard to your son or daughter’s health and safety.

Inside the college or university, similar problems to that of a school can take place. There are many hazards which can occur, such as slippery floors and defective equipment. If an accident takes place, it should be reported as promptly as possible. Make sure your son or daughter always informs you too, so you can speak to us about filing an accident claim.

Staff Can Claim Compensation Too

Of course, it’s not just the students who may become an accident victim. Teachers, lecturers and other staff at the college or university could also be involved in an accident whilst on the premises and need to make a claim. The Workplace Regulations of 1992 are in place to ensure that schools, colleges and universities have a duty of care, but as soon as they fail this then you have the right to claim compensation.

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