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Accidents in Public Places

Claim Now for Personal Injury Accidents in Public Places

Accidents that occur in public places can result in severe personal injury, depending on the circumstances. If you are walking through a shop or a restaurant and you slip, trip or fall because of the establishment’s lack of health and safety attention, then you could be eligible to claim compensation.

The Effects of an Accident in a Public Place

Little hazards can turn into physical injuries, so it’s important that you remain alert at all times. However, you naturally put your trust into the place you are visiting to ensure floors aren’t wet or slippery and there are no hazards that could be in your way and cause an accident. Every year, thousands of people are injured due to accidents in public places, and although many quickly recover, some accidents do require a longer period of recuperation and this can sometimes result in disability. The knock- on effect of this is the time off work and overall financial loss. If you decide to make an accident claim for your accident in a public place, you could find the extra money gives you that helping hand you need.

Some accidents in public places could be caused by falling objects too, perhaps walking past a building site and falling debris hits you, which could result in a severe head injury. An accident claim can be made in the event of this happening.

Who’s Responsible? Who’s Liable?

So whose responsibility is it when an accident in a public place happens? More often than not, it’s the responsibility of the owner of the premises who has to deal with the liability. In some cases it may be the local council, but this depends on each individual accident claim case. Every premises owner has a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of staff working there and also the general public. It’s a bit like an employer’s responsibility. This legal responsibility is referred to as a “duty of care” and if such duty has been neglected then can pursue an accident compensation claim on your behalf.

We have years of experience in handling accidents in public places and the respective claims. We understand that there may be physical and / or psychological trauma following the accident, so you can trust in us to act in your best interests with compassion and professionalism.

Some common public places where accidents can occur:

  • Restaurants
  • Building sites
  • Shopping centers
  • Indoor / outdoor events

It may take a bit of time before you’re back on your feet following an accident in a public place, but with the help of you’ll soon be able to put the past behind you. Accidents in public places can occur in many areas, so before you rule out your eligibility to claim, its best to talk to us and we’ll be able to tell you if you can make an accident claim, and also how much money you are likely to receive.

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